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Ep 35: The Craigslist Reselling Business Model

In this episode we talk buying and then reselling on Craigslist… The website Craigslist.com is like Amazon or eBay; everyone has heard of and used the site to buy or sell something at least once.  This week Mike adds a new twist to the online marketplace by exploring the unique business model that encompasses both […]

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Ep 33: YouTube-Amazon Associates Business Model

In this episode alternative YouTube income sources are explored… We have all heard of monetizing a YouTube channel by allowing YouTube (Google) to show ads before videos. This is the default way most video creators turn their videos into a paycheck (a very small paycheck). What if though there was a better, more lucrative way […]

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Ep 32: Travel Hacking: Start a Business, Travel Free

In this episode we explore travel hacking with credit cards… There are many perks that come along with being an entrepreneur and that rings true with starting a eCommerce online store as well. If you sell a physical products online and your not paying your suppliers with rewards credit cards…your a fool.  This week Mike […]

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Ep 31: The Three Kings of eCommerce Conversions

In this episode we discuss three areas to focus on to maximize conversion… When it comes to conversion rates (getting people to actually hit the buy button), there are three main focus areas. Above all else, as a eCommerce store owner, you absolutely must first focus on your product images, titles and then your reviews. […]

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Ep 30: Unspoken Realities of Being a Entrepreneur

In this episode we reveal what its really like being a entrepreneur… Anyone who has ever been an employee has at one point in their career also dreamed of being an entrepreneur working for oneself. It seems so wonderful and liberating but is that the whole story? Is entrepreneurship all its cracked up to be? […]

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Ep 29: The Truth Behind Ebay – Amazon Arbitrage

In this episode we cover the reality that is Ebay Amazon arbitrage… Anyone who has as little as dabbled in the world of online income has heard of Ebay Amazon arbitrage. This is the business model of advertising a product from Amazon on Ebay and using Amazon to fulfill said order. This week Mike dives […]

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Ep 27: Why NOT To Partner With A Guru

In this episode we cover hiring a consultant vs partnerships… When starting out in eCommerce, there can be quite the learning curve. Most aspiring entrepreneurs either pay for expert advice (hire a consultant) or partner-up with someone who has experience. Both are great ways to quickly jump start your business to profitability but what are […]

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Ep 26: What eCommerce Business Is Right For You?

In this episode we discuss picking a online business when you brand new to eCommerce… Most aspiring internet entrepreneurs only have a month or two window in which to experience some level of success before they give up on their dream. There is no data as to why this is but it seems this phenomenon […]

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