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Ep 56: How to Sell Secrets…Legally…

In this episode I show a way to sell secrets…legally… Do you have special knowledge about a subject (eCommerce, business, life, hobbies…anything) and know others are looking for that solution to the same problem you have already solved?  For me, its eCommerce related eBay problems but for you it could be anything.  What if you […]

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Ep 54: Unique Income Opportunity(s) for an Expat

In this episode we discuss how to turn your expertise into income overseas… Everyone is an expert in something. Figure out what your passionate about, realize you probably know more about it then the general public and capitalize on that knowledge. Start a podcast or YouTube channel talking about or showing to the masses your […]

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Ep 53: I GOT SUED!!!!!…And How To Protect Yourself!

In this episode we discuss how I got sued and how you can minimize your financial risk… About two weeks ago I got sued for primarily allegedly selling counterfeit items on eBay.  Now its not abnormal to get contacted by brand owners to remove product images and/or stop selling their branded products.  That said, there […]

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Ep 52: Hosting Trivia Night as a Side Hustle

In this episode we discuss a off-line side income source for a change… Over the past couple months we have aired a series of interviews related to our typical topics of online income sources so I thought this week I would switch it up a bit. Have you ever been at a bar or specifically […]

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Ep 48: How To Make $$$ By Being a Jerk on YouTube

In this episode we interview a guy who people literally pay to be given brutally honest advice… If you’ve ever wanted to speak you mind and get paid to do so, listen to my interview with Aaron Clarey. Aaron is the creator of ***Hole Consulting; a business where his YouTube audience actually pays him to […]

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Ep 47: Pro Tips from a 7 Figure eBay Power Seller!

In this episode we interview a very successful 7 figure eBay power seller… If your looking for some eBay value-bombs then your in luck. My friend Tyler Philips, a very successful eBay seller (drop shipper) has agreed to discuss the massive changes that have take place on eBay since we last spoke this past summer. […]

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