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Starting a New Drop Shipping Store

What’s up everyone out there in blog-land. So I’m finally getting around to posting (6 months late) about my first drop shipping store and the progress I’ve had so far. I’m super excited to share my results…good and bad. I know many of you are looking for a location independent job and/or thinking about starting […]

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My Goals For 2016

Along with a new year comes new goals.  My main goal is to be more profitable online then the year prior and if you saw last year’s numbers, that shouldn’t be hard to beat. Chuckle-chuckle. In all seriousness though, I do have some lofty goals for 2016. In an attempt to reach those goals and […]

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2015 Annual Online Income Report

Quick Question: How many people would be willing to work for the better part of a year without getting paid? Quick Answer: Not many people at all. Quick Percentage Breakdown of Time Spent in 2015 Summary To sum up 2015 (online business wise), I worked my ass off without much monetarily to show for it. […]

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My First Post: You Have To Start Somewhere…

Naturally, everyone must start somewhere and for me…its this post right here.  I’m not sure what to say (or how long I can con you into continue reading) so I’ll just shoot from the hip and see how it goes. So Who Is This Mike Guy? I little background on me:  I’m a 30-something hustler […]

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