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Ep 21: The Five Phases of the E-Commerce Buy Cycle

In this episode we explore the phases a customer goes through when buying online… Understanding the psychology behind how one buys a product online is extremely important for all e-commerce store owners.  We all must understand how buyers think!  This week Mike talks about how a potential customer goes from simply becoming aware your product(s) exist to […]

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Ep 20: How To Hire A VA (Virtual Assistant)

In this episode we discuss hiring a virtual assistant… The number one problem entrepreneurs face is having too much to do and not enough time to do it. Enter the VA or Virtual Assistant. This week Mike covers everything relating to overseas virtual assistants like where to find a VA, how to interview one to ensure […]

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Ep 19: 7 Reasons Your Online Business Failed

In this episode we investigate reasons some online businesses fail… Many people dabble in e-commerce/online business ventures that simply end in disaster.  Sometimes its because of a flawed business model and other times its due to the ever changing online environment.  This week Mike explains the 7 more practical (and probably) reasons your (and his) online […]

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Ep 18: Online Real Estate Investing…No Money Required

In this episode we explore Online Real Estate Investing…No Money Required NEWS FLASH: You can now make money online investing in real estate without money or debt.  No really!!!  Mike recently learned of a new method of leveraging the power of the internet to rent out property you don’t even own.  He covers how its done, […]

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Ep 16: Ultimate E-Commerce Niche Selection Formula

In this episode we tackle Niche Selection for e-commerce businesses… If you are thinking of selling or drop shipping a product online…this episode is a absolute must listen!  Selecting the right product to sell online is absolutely crucial to your success. Pick the wrong one and your site is doomed before you even launch.  Mike […]

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