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My Store Update: After One Month

As they say…the first month is always the most difficult. A Brief Overview I ran my first Google Adwords ad on April 3 My budget started at $15.00 a day Averaged 15 to 25 clicks per day CPC (Cost Per Click) averaged $0.80+ Made 9 sales total Majority of clicks came from ‘mobile’ Twice I […]

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YouTube: 9 Little Known Money Making Tricks (part 2)

[NOTE: DON’T just make YouTube videos, Optimize Them.  YouTube ad revenue can be MASSIVELY increased by following these 9 simple techniques.]   Most YouTube video creators make videos on any topic that interests them, not their audience…BIG MISTAKE. A little research and optimization will help your videos get found, watched and ultimately increase your ad […]

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YouTube: 9 Little Known Money Making Tricks

[NOTE: If your doing eCommerce, Drop Shipping, Blogging, Ebay, Niche Sites, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing or just sales in general and your not on YouTube…your crazy!]   Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 or 11 years, you are fully aware of the existence of this thing called YouTube. You are […]

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Why I Started My Blog

I know what your thinking, sh$t…another blog. Wait! Well… I’m not an aspiring write (in fact a sort of hate writing). I’m not egotistical and think people love reading about my life. I’m not a endless ranter looking for an outlet to bitch. I don’t have delusional aspirations of internet blogging stardom. So why did […]

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Failed First eCommerce Store (Circa 2003)

[BACKSTORY: Immediately after graduating from college in 2003, I gave eCommerce / drop shipping a shot without even knowing what eCommerce and/or drop shipping was. This is a flashback to the past…] So it was the Fall of 2002… I was in college, had one elective course remaining before I could finally call my time […]

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My Day Job

Yep.  Just like many of you I currently have a ‘9-5’. If you have read some of my other blog posts or have listened to my Podcast, then your probably already aware I’m still (for now) slaving away for the man. You may also have figured out that I don’t have a traditional job, in […]

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Little Background About Me

About My name is Mike and I’m a 30-something American living overseas in Europe.  My goal is to make a living online, quit my job and become location independent. This Blog is about how its done and how you can too… My Story I currently work for a ‘3-letter’ agency for the US Government.  While I […]

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Starting a New Drop Shipping Store

What’s up everyone out there in blog-land. So I’m finally getting around to posting (6 months late) about my first drop shipping store and the progress I’ve had so far. I’m super excited to share my results…good and bad. I know many of you are looking for a location independent job and/or thinking about starting […]

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My Goals For 2016

Along with a new year comes new goals.  My main goal is to be more profitable online then the year prior and if you saw last year’s numbers, that shouldn’t be hard to beat. Chuckle-chuckle. In all seriousness though, I do have some lofty goals for 2016. In an attempt to reach those goals and […]

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