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Ep 42: How to Fund Your New Business

In this episode I discuss some unique ways to fund a business (some old, some new)… Whether your thinking of starting a brick and mortar storefront shop or create your own online eCommerce empire; virtually all businesses take at least a little cash to get rolling. This week I go over a few unique ways […]

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Ep 40: Amazon Dropshipping (not FBA)

In this episode we explain dropshipping not on eBay but on Amazon itself… I’m sure you have heard of dropshipping on eBay and Shopify, but did you know you can also drop ship on Amazon’s website itself?  Similar to eBay, you can utilize this low cost / low risk method on Amazon to make a […]

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Ep 37: Drop Shipping on eBay…Fully Explained

In this episode we explain How the eBay Drop Ship Model Works… I recently realized that many of my listeners know of eBay Drop Shipping but that is where their knowledge stops. So this week I fully explain Drop Shipping on eBay as a business and go over the steps of starting, running and optimizing […]

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Ep 35: The Craigslist Reselling Business Model

In this episode we talk buying and then reselling on Craigslist… The website is like Amazon or eBay; everyone has heard of and used the site to buy or sell something at least once.  This week Mike adds a new twist to the online marketplace by exploring the unique business model that encompasses both […]

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Ep 33: YouTube-Amazon Associates Business Model

In this episode alternative YouTube income sources are explored… We have all heard of monetizing a YouTube channel by allowing YouTube (Google) to show ads before videos. This is the default way most video creators turn their videos into a paycheck (a very small paycheck). What if though there was a better, more lucrative way […]

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