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Ep 11: Drop Shipping on Ebay

In this episode we discuss using Ebay’s platform for drop shipping… For most people the term ‘Ebay’ is synonymous with ‘auction style selling’ or an ‘old school platform’ rarely used anymore. But did you know Ebay is projecting $300 billion (with a ‘B’) in gross sales for FY2016. This week Mike talks about combining the […]

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Ep 9: Increasing eCommerce Conversion Rate

In this episode we tackle increasing your eCommerce conversion rate & easy site back-linking techniques… Anyone who has a online store knows just how important bring traffic to their site is. But more important then drawling traffic, converting that traffic is the actual ‘name of the game’. Mike discusses A-B testing site tweaks, how many […]

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Ep 8: Dealing w/ Product Returns & Store Optimizations

In this episode we talk handling product returns & five ecommerce optimization techniques… Ever ponder the proper way to deal with damaged/returned products someone bought from you online store?  Mike breaks down all facets of dealing with returns like typical return policies, customer voluntary returns, defective products and the ever dreaded ‘customer from hell’. He […]

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Ep7: Store Update, 80/20 Rule & Mobile vs Desktop Ads

In this episode we talk drop ship store updates, the 80/20 rule and advertising on mobile vs desktop… Wondering how Mike’s new drop ship eCommerce store is doing?  He gives a full ‘one-month-in’ update.  In addition, he gives some insights on the famous 80/20 rule (and how it applies to the relationship you have with […]

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Ep5: YouTube: 9 Little Used Money Making Tricks

In this episode we talk YouTube: How to make money outside of running ads. If you have a YouTube channel, you have probably considered turning on the ads in order to profit from your videos.  While running ads as a way to monopolize your channel is better then nothing, the real money is being made […]

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Ep2: Amazon FBA: What Are The Pros and Cons?

In this episode I help you the listener decide if Amazon FBA is the eCommerce business for you. Amazon FBA is arguably the trendiest online business model in 2016 if your looking to sell physical products.  Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program allows ‘the little guy’ the ability to directly access and sell to consumers worldwide via […]

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