Ep 35: The Craigslist Reselling Business Model

In this episode we talk buying and then reselling on Craigslist…

The website Craigslist.com is like Amazon or eBay; everyone has heard of and used the site to buy or sell something at least once.  This week Mike adds a new twist to the online marketplace by exploring the unique business model that encompasses both the buying and reselling of the same product all on Craigslist.  Buy low, sell high is the name of the game.  A little bit of cash and a little bit of hustle and your up and running.  It truly could not get any easier than this.  Don’t miss out on all of this and more on this week’s episode of the eCommerce Quick Tips Podcast!

What’s covered in this episode (Ep35).

  • Ryan Finlay from ReCraigslist.com.
  • Whats Needed to Get Started.
  • Finding a Product Priced Low, Buy it, Then Relist at Higher Price.
  • Utilizing Stories or Personal Connection to Get The Buy.
  • Pricing: Negotiate or Not to Negotiate.
  • Numbers Game: Enough Offers Equal a Few Great Buys.
  • What Products Make For Good Reselling Items.
  • Also, a Little Known Tip…The Free Section…

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