Ep 11: Drop Shipping on Ebay

In this episode we discuss using Ebay’s platform for drop shipping…

For most people the term ‘Ebay’ is synonymous with ‘auction style selling’ or an ‘old school platform’ rarely used anymore. But did you know Ebay is projecting $300 billion (with a ‘B’) in gross sales for FY2016. This week Mike talks about combining the drop ship eCommerce business model with Ebay’s platform to almost instantly turn a profit online. No longer does an Ebay seller have to spend countless hours scavenging through overstock bins or visit countless garage sales to find products to sell. The new way of making money on Ebay involves never leaving your home. That’s right, today’s entrepreneurs are simply finding products already sold online, copy and pasting said listings on Ebay and making instant sales.  This drop shipping model involves zero inventory, zero upfront costs and zero advertising expenses. All you need is an Ebay account, a PayPal account and some spare time. If your looking to start an online business with little to no money then this episode is definitely for you . Don’t miss out on all of this and more on this week’s episode of the eCommerce Quick Tips Podcast!

What’s covered in this episode (ep11).

  • Using Ebay to start a Drop Shipping Business.
  • What exactly Ebay Drop Shipping is.
  • How Drop Shipping on Ebay works.
  • Why customers are willing to pay MORE for goods on Ebay.
  • The Psychology behind why this business model works.
  • David Dang Vu and his Ebay eCommerce course.
  • Ebay Drop Shipping vs. traditional Drop Shipping.
  • Also, what it takes to make a 5-Figure per month income using this method….

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Here is the course I learned from.  It comes along with 3 free gifts.

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