Ep4: eCommerce Tips & Travel Blogging: More Tips & Travel Blog Insites

In this episode we talk eCommerce strategies: shipping dates, supplier relationships & product videos. Plus travel blogging…

Creating a eCommerce business can be a lot of fun but at some point you must focus on the ever important small details.  Its these often overlooked tweaks that can mean the difference between profitability and insolvency. First covered is where to place the shipping date on your site and why it makes a difference.  Second, the importance of creating a healthy not just relationship but friendship with your supplier(s) and why its can be vitally important to your success.  Third we talk product videos.  What they are, how ridiculously easy and cheap they are to make and why having one on your most visited page(s) can help make you money.  Last we discuss my failed travel blog, how or why it was doomed from the start and how the bloggers that are successful convert readers into cold hard cash.  All of this and more on this episode of the eCommerce Quick Tips Podcast.

What’s covered in this episode (ep4).

  • Product Shipping/Deliver Times: Properly highlighting (or not) the time it takes.
  • Supplier Relations: Why we all should become friends with ours.
  • How to ‘Make Friends and Influence Suppliers’.
  • Stay On Supplier’s Good Side: The pitfalls of not.
  • Product Videos: How cheap and easy they are to make.
  • Optimize Top Visited Pages: Why we all should have product videos on these pages.
  • Failed Travel Blog: A little incite into Mikes.
  • How Travel Bloggers Make Money: The techniques used to turn a blog into a business.

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