Ep 49: Personal Update – My Plans For The Future…

In this episode I discuss my future business / personal / travel plans…

I’ve had a lot of ‘plans’ related to my online income streams, retiring early and traveling as a nomad. Some have come to fruition, some have failed miserably and some are still to be determined. I used this episode to break it all down for you my audience so you can get a better look into my life, who I am and what my crazy life plans look like. I am going to cover all of this and a whole lot more in this weeks episode of the eCommerce Quick Tips Podcast.

What’s covered in this episode (Ep49).

  • eBay Drop Shipping
  • Amazon Drop Shipping
  • Amazon FBA
  • Becoming Financially Independent
  • Living & Traveling Overseas

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  • Real Store Owner (Website – Drop Ship Course)
  • Profit Scraper Get 10% Off FOR LIFE! (Software – Listing/Price Tracker/Inventory Management/Auto Ordering)

Here is the course where I teach drop shipping.

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