Ep 57: Make Less…Live More (Taxes, Minimalism & Geo-Arbitrage)

In this episode I talk Tax Advantages, Minimalism & Making Dollars while Spending Pesos…

When most entrepreneurs think about quitting their 9-5 to start a online (or offline) business, they think they first need to match their current income. Well, I’m here to say that is far from the truth. If you can learn to master (or at least mimic) these three basic principles (Earn in the ‘West’ / spend in the ‘East’, reduce the amount the government takes and learn to thrive on less) you can quit your 9-5 way sooner then you think. Truth is, you can make one half or even one third of your current income and it will be enough to sustain a similar lifestyle give you the freedom to quit your dreaded J-O-B.  I am going to cover all of this and a whole lot more in this weeks episode of the eCommerce Quick Tips Podcast.

What’s covered in this episode (Ep57).

  • Using the legal tax laws to your advantage to minimize your tax exposure.
  • Reducing your monthly expenditures while remaining happy and content.
  • Earning in a high value currency and spending in a low value currency (to increase buying power)

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