Ep 58: WARNING…Fake Gurus & Affiliate Marketers

In this episode I tell a cautionary tale of false internet gurus and prophets…

The most profitable way of making income online today is from affiliate marketing by presenting yourself as a ‘Guru’ and selling a dream.  Lets be honest starting a online business (a.k.a. side hustle) is a ton of work but extremely rewarding if you see it through to the end.  Fortunately some successful entrepreneurs are willing to share their secrets in the form of a course of private coaching.  Unfortunately, some of these ‘successful’ gurus are also charlatans and only selling a dream of a business model because their business failed and/or were less successful then they led onto all along.  I am going to cover all of this and a whole lot more in this weeks episode of the eCommerce Quick Tips Podcast.

What’s covered in this episode (Ep58).

  • How to spot a shady ‘Guru’ just out for your money.
  • Affiliate marketing; the pros and the cons.
  • When it comes to someone proclaiming ‘success’…always ask fro proof!

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