Leave Me A Review In iTunes: (Easy Steps)

Follow these steps and AS A BONUS I will throw in Free Access to Modules 1 & 2 of my Drop Ship Optimizer Course!

Below are the steps to follow to leave a review in iTunes.


STEP 1: Install iTunes on your device (most can skip this step)

STEP 2: Click this link to go to my iTunes Podcast page.

STEP 3: Click on the blue “View In iTunes” button as shown below.


STEP 4: At this point, you may be prompted to launch iTunes on your computer. Click the button that will launch iTunes.


STEP 5: Click on the “Subscribe” button.


STEP 6: Click on “Rating and Reviews” followed by clicking on “Write A Review”.


STEP 7: Write an honest review and click “Submit”.


STEP 8: Send me an email (mike at mikeworksonline.com) with “iTunes Review-WS” in the subject line (very important) and include the “iTunes name” you used to write the review in the email.


Please allow 48 hours (hopefully less) and I will email you a special link to access my FREE BONUS GIFT: Modules 1 & 2 of Drop Ship Optimizer.

An email (w/ special link) will be sent to you once iTunes Review & Rating is verified.