Ep3: My Background: Entrepreneurship / Travel / Online Income

In this episode I give you a little back ground about me and my history as a entrepreneur.

We all enjoy listening to podcasts about travel / business / eCommerce / entrepreneurship but ever wonder who the heck the host is? I, Mike Davis, decided I should probably have a episode explaining who I am, my history and why I created the eCommerce Quick Tips Podcast.  I tell my backstory starting from getting my first job at age ten, buying my first business at age fifteen and finding a profitable untapped niche in the lawn care/landscaping industry shortly there after.  In addition, I talk about my career goals after college, starting my first eCommerce business in 2003, how I got addicted to travel and why I am pursuing drop shipping as a online business today. All of this and more in this episode of the eCommerce Quick Tips Podcast.

What’s covered in this episode (ep3).

  • A brief (or not so brief) history about me, Mike Davis.
  • Buying my first business at age fifteen.
  • Starting my first (unsuccessful) eCommerce business back in 2003.
  • My career pursuits in the government sector.
  • Jumping on the real estate ‘flipping’ bandwagon in the height of the housing boom.
  • Loosing interest in my 3-letter government job.
  • Becoming a international travel addict in the process.
  • …and how or why I chose drop shipping as a online eCommerce business for my future.

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