My Day Job

Yep.  Just like many of you I currently have a ‘9-5’.

If you have read some of my other blog posts or have listened to my Podcast, then your probably already aware I’m still (for now) slaving away for the man.

You may also have figured out that I don’t have a traditional job, in the sense of rotting away in a cubical.  I work for a ‘3-letter’ government agency.  Now I say that because I like to fancy myself as a international secret agent, but in reality its not like the movies (and I’m not a secret agent).

I can’t dive too deep into what exactly it is I do for ‘specific reasons’ but I can say if I was 007, I wouldn’t even have told you this much.

Nor can I give my real name (Mike is real).

Hopefully in the future (once separated), I can share some interesting stories.


The Good And The Bad About Having A J.O.B.

Most of you out there have your own ‘personal daily hell’ you arrive at every morning.

I personally don’t hate my job.  I also don’t hate my current income (6 figure range).  Nor do I feel my retirement (pension) is inadequate.

I actually currently hold a position that I know many strive for.

So why am I actively planning my exit (in y 30’s)?

…The Good

  1. I have a very stable career with endless opportunities.
  2. My compensation is better then many of my friends.
  3. My stress level (work wise) is relatively minimal.
  4. I can retire (if I were to stick around that long) at age 50.
  5. I can take 4-6 weeks of vacation every year (good for the USA).

…The Bad

  1. I am a entrepreneur at heart (having a boss stifles my ambition).
  2. I hate having to work when others feel its necessary (aka I love sleeping in).
  3. My freedom to travel is limited (I prefer 9 months of travel a year, not 29 days).
  4. Politics…Working for the government, there is no shortage of that.
  5. eCommerce has no place in my current career track.

Lookin Into Future

My Plans For The Future

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am thankful for my position in life.  That said, sometimes ‘being thankful’ can limit ones ambitions and cause one to settle.

I am also not delusional and believe ‘the grass is always greener on the other side.’  I fully understand that hardships can come when your without the safety-net of working for someone.

My plans for the future are as follows:

  • Make my own ‘luck’ by always learning and taking action.
  • Create a semi-passive sustainable income through eCommerce.
  • Have a back-up plan (alternative income sources)
  • Leave my current job on good terms in case things go sour.
  • Never worry about regret by being willing to do the things others wont.
  • Lastly, taking my life on the road and traveling as much as possible before I die



If that just sounded to you like a hog-pog of wishy-washing, pie-in-the-sky, hippy nonsense…feel free to puke and regroup.

Admittedly, it somewhat is.  But then again, I never really ran with the cool crowd or played follow-the-leader.  I truly believe no one should settle for mediocrity.  Whether you want to start your own online business, travel more or just pursue personal goals, simply decide to be the change you have dreamed about.

Just Remember

The possible repercussions for following your dreams and failing will never be as bad as the endless regret of wondering what might have been.

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