My Goals For 2016

Along with a new year comes new goals.  My main goal is to be more profitable online then the year prior and if you saw last year’s numbers, that shouldn’t be hard to beat. Chuckle-chuckle.

In all seriousness though, I do have some lofty goals for 2016. In an attempt to reach those goals and help keep myself accountable I will be putting them in writing and do so on my blog so you the reader can hold my feet to the fire.

I’ll keep this short because, well, who want so read a novel about someone else’s yearly goals, right!

2016 Goals (That Are Realistic)

Drop Ship Store #1

  • Have store fully optimized by mid-March (niche traffic picks up them)
  • Add product videos to popular pages
  • Add ‘old’ reviews in to my Yotpo app (build trust)
  • Streamline my About, Contact, FAQ,…pages

Two New Drop Ship Stores

  • Build out two additional stores by June 30th
  • I already have the niche(s) picked out and feel comfortable with the competition level


  • Have my first three eCommerce Quick Tip$ Podcast Episode(s) loaded on iTunes by March 1
  • Upload a minimum of one podcast per week throughout the remainder of 2016
  • Record an interview for at least half of the podcasts

Blog Posts

  • Add one blog post per week to this blog
  • With whats on my plate already, this may be a tall order but ‘always be aiming high’!

You Tube Channel

Instagram Following

  • Take actionable steps toward creating a ‘sizable’ Instagram following
  • Utilize techniques to draw traffic from other account -> to my account -> to my blog

$4,000 Net Income (Profit)

  • Be making a STEADY $4,000 per month combined via my eCommerce stores and through Affiliate Marketing.
Motivation Office Space

If You’ve Seen The Movie Office Space

So other then that (hahaha), I should be fairly free this summer.  Hey, if your not dreaming big, you shouldn’t be dreaming at all!

Think my goals are a bit lofty or do you think they are practical? What are your goals for this year? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below so everyone can compare notes.

Best of luck with 2016!

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