Ep 12: 17 eCommerce Homepage Optimization Tips

In this episode we discuss optimizing your website’s homepage…

If you have a eCommerce website and your homepage isn’t optimized…your simply leaving money on the table.  For most store owners, their homepage is the most visited page and should always be given the most attention.  Mike really delivers this week as he shares 17 ways (he learned from the pros) to change/adjust/tweak your homepage to almost guarantee an increase in conversions.  The number one reason optimizing your homepage is so important is because most visitors to your homepage are customers ready to purchase (if your site rely’s heavily on PPC).  Even if you think your page looks great, you probably are making at least a couple sizable mistakes that are costing you sales.  Some of the topics Mike covers are removal of image carousels, adding a phone number in a prominent location, homepage videos and search bars.  Don’t miss out on all of this and more on this week’s episode of the eCommerce Quick Tips Podcast!

What’s covered in this episode (Ep12).

  • Why optimizing a eCommerce homepage is so important.
  • 17 tips taken right from pros themselves.
  • What’s causing your customers to leave your site immediately.
  • A/B Testing and why to test everything all at once (not separately).
  • Why your carousel(s) / image slides should be removed.
  • Search boxes should be mandatory on all homepages.
  • Have you considered a video ‘front and center’?
  • Also, how do I increase my site’s SEO on the homepage….

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