Ep 34: Make BIG $$$ Sharing Your Knowledge (Private Coaching)

In this episode we dive into starting a consultant business…

Do you have specific knowledge, experience or expertise on a subject, any subject. (TIP: Expert just means you know a little more then the next guy.)  Are there big problem(s) others have that you can solve?  If the answer was yes for both then you probably have what it takes to start a profitable consulting/private coaching business.  In this episode Mike discusses the steps need to be followed to be successful at consulting.  From identifying and validating your niche, niche-down, to determining what problems clients are having and landing clients & testimonials.  Also addressed is how to properly scale your business and appropriately pricing your products/services. If you ever wanted to be a teacher or simply just use your brain rather then your brawn to make a living…this episode is right down your alley. Don’t miss out on all of this and more on this week’s episode of the eCommerce Quick Tips Podcast!

What’s covered in this episode (Ep34).

  • Jonathan Stark from ExpensiveProblem.com.
  • Picking a Specific Niche & Becoming the Expert.
  • Determining if That Market is Large Enough For Your Business.
  • Validating Your Niche & Market Research on What Problems Need Solved.
  • How to Land Your First Clients and elicit feedback and testimonials.
  • Building a Client Base Through Scaling Your Business.
  • What to Charge and How to Structure Prices to Attract All Levels of Clients..
  • Also, Potential Problems That Are Actually Not Problems at All.

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