Directions To Claim Your
10% Off Shopify Discount

Step 1) Click the link below to activate the discount. 

UPDATE: Because this discount IS NOT available to the general public, Shopify asked I keep it ‘behind a wall’…(email you it, rather then publicly post it).

Step 1) (Updated) Enter email below and click ‘Send‘. 

Step 2) Receive an auto-reply email with Shopify discount link.

Step 3) Follow the simple instructions to get the discount.  Done!


Directions To Claim Full Access To
Drop Ship Optimizer Course

***(A $369 Value…Free)***

Step 1) Sign up for Drop Ship Optimizer (if not done already).

Step 2) Email me (

Include: your name, email address used to sign up for course; with subject line: ‘Shopify’.

Step 3) Shopify affiliate link usage verification (done on my end)

Step 4) You will be UPGRADED to Full Access w/ in 24hrs. Done!