Why I Started My Blog

I know what your thinking, sh$t…another blog.



I’m not an aspiring write (in fact a sort of hate writing).

I’m not egotistical and think people love reading about my life.

I’m not a endless ranter looking for an outlet to bitch.

I don’t have delusional aspirations of internet blogging stardom.

So why did you create this blog then?

Simply put, blogs (that are truthful) are a great source for inspiration.  I am super into eCommerce, travel and location independent sources of income.

I originally learned about drop shipping through reading blogs (see below) and watching YouTube video.

I have spent the better part of the past three years studying every online income method out there.  Granted, much of it is complete horse manure but there are legitimate ways people are finding to make a livable income from the inter-webs.

Don’t forget to come back here when your done checking out those other sites…of course!

Never Stop Traveling

Never Stop Traveling

This blog is…

Primarily here for four reasons:

  1. To share my successes and failures (and hold myself accountable).
  2. Pass along my knowledge of how to supercharge your online business through my eCommerce Tips and Tricks.
  3. Teach others what eCommerce business ideas work and how you can personally profit from them.
  4. Prove that International Travel is achievable with a minimal (sometimes zero) budget.

In a nutshell, I created this blog is to share with you my journey going from a 9-5 ‘company man’ to a location independent entrepreneur.  I intend to include the good…and the bad.  I also will pass along the secrets to how I am able to fly overseas for free, stay in hotels for free and simply see the world on a college kids budget.

This blog is not…

  • Going to teach you how to ‘get rich quick’ (no such thing).
  • Show you how to succeed unethically (there’s enough of that already).
  • A resource for bitching (a.k.a comments can be critical, but at least make them constructive).

Everything I promote on this website I either do myself, use myself, or know of other reputable entrepreneurs who are winning by using them.

I am also here to answer questions from those of you just starting out in your journey of creating a sustainable online income.

Email Me Your Question

Email Me Your Question

What Now?

So its currently March/April of 2016 and I am neck deep in hustling.  I have this blog, a drop ship store, a podcast, two online courses, and two additional eCommerce stores I’m working on.  AND I am doing all of this while sustaining a full time big-boy J.O.B…for now.

So needless to say, I will be extremely busy this year.

You may have found yourself on this blog because you too are tired of slaving away at your crappy day job.  Maybe your here because you need some motivation or maybe just because you have the eCommerce itch and want to try your hand at earning an online income.

Whatever it is that drew you here, I hope this blog, my podcast and/or one of my courses truly helps you succeed at whatever it is you are working on.

Thinking about starting your own blog?

Feel free to link to it in the comment section below. I’d love to check it out!

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