YouTube: 9 Little Known Money Making Tricks

[NOTE: If your doing eCommerce, Drop Shipping, Blogging, Ebay, Niche Sites, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing or just sales in general and your not on YouTube…your crazy!]


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 or 11 years, you are fully aware of the existence of this thing called YouTube.

You are probably also aware that YouTube creators make money by allowing Google to run ads before/during their videos.

What some of you probably are NOT aware of is that there are plenty of OTHER WAYS to turn a profit from a YouTube channel / video.


YouTube is the NUMBER TWO (info graphic) search engine; larger then Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined!


The majority of money made by savvy YouTube Creators does NOT come from YouTube/Google Ads!


While YouTube/Google Ad revenue is better then nothing, if that’s YOUR MAIN monopolization plan…keep reading!


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A Little About The List Below…

Below I have a list of 9 (plus a BONUS) ways to incorporate you blog, online store, info product, website or service to draw more traffic and to convert viewers into money making machines.

This is a list of ‘think outside the box’ ways YouTubers are making money but not advertising…


Trick 1

Advertise Your Product(s) or Service(s)

  • If your in Drop Shipping or eCommerce in general, make a short review video for each top product you sell.
    • EXAMPLE: Simply say, ‘I’m not at home so I can’t show you the XYZ I bought but it is amazing…’
    • Pro Tip: Tell viewers ‘I added a link below to the store where I bought it.’ (Link To Your Store)

See example below: (NOTE: video is a bad example but still has 4,200 views…not bad!)

**see Example of video on YouTube itself HERE**

  • Make a website review video on your own website/blog/eCommerce site.
    • Pro Tip: (same as above but for the company itself/website….)
  • Make a ‘how-to’ video in relation to that product.
    • EXAMPLE: Selling porch swings?  Make a video showing how to hang a porch swing…people will search for anything!
    • Pro Tip: Tell viewer ‘I added a link to the store where I bought this swing…and the quality was great’ (Link To Your Store)
  • Have a blog on cooking (draw traffic to your blog)?
    • EXAMPLE: Make daily/weekly videos of you cooking dinner, walking through the steps (don’t over think it).
    • Pro Tip: Tell viewers to ‘click the link below for the recipe and a free eCookbook with 87+ dinner favorite’.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure link is ‘above the fold in description area’. (no scrolling needed to see)


Trick 2

Target High PCP Keywords:

  • Ads partially run based off the topic of the video.
    • Pro Tip: Videos on topics ‘more valuable to advertisers’ equate to higher ad revenue…for you.
  • Search Keyword Planner to find the topics (related to your niche) where advertisers are paying big money
    • EXAMPLE: Videos on ‘Auto Quotes‘ will pay out more then ones on ‘Screwing In A Lightulb‘.
  • IMPORTANT: More advertisers pay (aka Higher PPC), higher your YouTube earnings.



Trick 3

Donations: Patrion

  • is basicallay crowdfunding for artists and (YouTube) creators
  • You sign up, add a link below your YouTube videos and periodically ask your viewers to donate
    • Viewers select an amount to donate and Patreon will charge their account every month for that amount.
    • $5/month x 200 subscribers starts to add up quickly!
  • NOTE: Some consider it ‘e-begging’ but in reality you are supplying something (video content) in return…so not really.


Trick 4

Paid Links, Paid Product Placements, Paid Shout-Outs

  • Once you get a small following, offer to promote (for a fee):
    • Other channels
    • Products (review a related product within a video of yours)
    • Give a ‘shout-out’ to a person/channel/or cause.
    • Pro Tip: Sites like FameBit, Izea, Channel Pages, Reelio connect ‘YouTube Channels w/ Sponsors’



Trick 5

Udemy: Lead Generation For Your Udemy Course

  • Have a skill or talent you can teach via video? Create a Udemy course.
  • Make dozens of short teaser videos on the course topic and post on YouTube.
    • Add link to Udemy course in description area.
    • Tell viewer ‘If you’d like more info on the topic check out the course I teach on Udemy”
  •  Pro Tip: Give true value within the teaser videos to prove to the viewers there is also value within the course.


Trick 6

Review High Commission Products

  • Make video(s) reviewing products that pay huge commissions, add affiliate link in description
  • Find products offering a commission on sites like:
  • Amazon Associates: Join and review basically ANY product (but usually at a much lower commission)
    • Add Amazon affiliate link in description
    • Amazon pays you between 4% and 8.5% of the purchase price.
    • Pro Tip: Tell viewer “you can find additional reviews by click the link below”(your affiliate link).

See example below:

**see Example of link to product below video YouTube HERE**


Trick 7

View Time Counts (Have A ‘Hook’)

  • YouTube rewards videos (more exposure) that are watched from start to finish
    • Will appear more frequently/higher in the ‘suggested videos’ area.
  • Pro Tip: Tell viewers there will be a surprise or bonus or something later in the video.
    • Keep viewer watching till end (where you promote your blog, product, service…)
  • IMPORTANT: always have a ‘hook’ to encourage the viewer to watch till the end (See Video Below)


Trick 8

Use ‘Ethical Bribe’ to ‘Click The Link’

  • Turn video into a gateway to your website…
  • At end of video, ask viewer to click link (in description area) if they want a free guide on how to…
    • Require them to provide their email to receive the ‘free info product’.
    • Pro Tip: If you have no ‘free guide’ yet, send them to a landing page to collect their email address
      • ‘Enter email and we will send it to you automatically when its finished’
  • IMPORTANT: Collecting email addresses should be your number one priority
    • Collect today so you can sell tomorrow’


Trick 9

Tag Your Videos With Other Successful YouTubers Name(s)

  • Make a video on a topic that another successful YouTuber made. Then ‘tag’ their name/channel within your video
    • Pro Tip: Choose semi-sussessful videos (not viral videos) to increase chances of appearing.
  • Your video will appear in the ‘suggested videos’ section of that other video
  • NOTE: Some don’t like this practice…but truth be told…they probably do it too


BONUS: (10)

BONUS: Give Shout-Outs

  • Compliment/give a shout out (aka ego booster)  to a YouTuber w/ more viewers then you.
    • Pro Tip: Do in unique way (have your kid hold up a cardboard sign with the YouTuber’s channel on it)
  • Then…email them with link to video & time (within video) of shout-out.
    • They may just shout you back!
  • NOTE: Better to shout-out mid level YouTubers then big named ones
    • (Steve Chou & Pat Flynn said they have 10’s of thousands of unread emails each…choose someone ‘lesser known’)
Have a trick of your own that your using to make money or drawl massive traffic?
Share with my readers below.


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