YouTube: 9 Little Known Money Making Tricks (part 2)

[NOTE: DON’T just make YouTube videos, Optimize Them.  YouTube ad revenue can be MASSIVELY increased by following these 9 simple techniques.]


Most YouTube video creators make videos on any topic that interests them, not their audience…BIG MISTAKE.

A little research and optimization will help your videos get found, watched and ultimately increase your ad revenue!

Beyond video optimization, you can also use YouTube videos to make A LOT MORE MONEY outside of ad revenue.


FACT #1 (Demographics)

More US based 18-34 Year-olds watch YouTube then Cable TV. (Wondering who to target????)

FACT #2 (Location)

80% of YouTube Views are from OUTSIDE the United States. (Not American targeted content?…YouTube has you covered.)

FACT #3 (Consistency)

30% of videos account for 99% of views.  (Don’t make one video…make many…They will keep coming back for more.)

youtube infographic

A Little About The List Below…

Below you will find 9 ways to optimize your YouTube channel and videos.  These easy-to-do techniques will help your videos get found more, get watched more and most importantly…make you more ad money!

Your channel doesn’t necessary suck because your videos suck…it sucks because no one knows your out there.


Trick 1

Monetize Your Channel (turn monopolization on)

  • There I said it.
  • I’m only mentioning it because its amazing how many people don’t do it…enough said. NEXT!


Trick 2

Research Keywords/Topics Advertisers Are Paying For:

  • Ads partially run based off the topic of the video.
  • Search Keyword Planner to find the topics (related to your niche) where advertisers are paying BIG money
    • EXAMPLE: Car Insurance, Medical Procedures, Lawyers, Credit Cards…(see below)
    • EXAMPLE: Not topics like ‘Screwing In A Lightbulb’. (unless your…never-mind)
  • If ‘monopolization’ is turned on…might as well maximize it!
  • IMPORTANT: The more advertisers pay (higher PPC), the more you earn.



Trick 3

Frequency Is Rewarded

  • If you post frequently & consistently, YouTube will reward you:
    • Videos will appear in ‘suggested videos’ more often if your a frequent poster

upload videos often

  • Existing audience will stay loyal
    • More upload, more times they see your channel, more frequently viewers will check your channel to watch your videos.


Trick 4

Make MANY Videos

  • Quality is important but obsessing with ‘quality’ will cause you to make A LOT fewer videos.
  • Sooner of later, one WILL go viral (even if ‘viral’ may only means 15,000 views)
  • That’s 15,000 more people who might subscribe!


Trick 5

Add Word Descriptions on Thumbnail

  • Many view thumbnail(s) before reading titles (some don’t read titles at all).
  • Use ‘billoard logic’: Keep to under 8 words (think: skimmable)



Number 6

Current Events / Trending

  • Politician just joined the race? Adele just came out with a new song? Video game just hit the stores?
    • Make related videos reacting to or discussing something that is bound to get searched a lot…and soon.
    • Note: Keep it within your target market through. (no Batman review if your target market is the elderly)
  • Not sure whats trending?  Easily out whats Trending here!


Number 7

Optimize Your Video

  1. Upload video file with a file name that includes your main targeted keywords.
    • Making Spaghetti Video > Make_Meatball_Spaghettii.mp4
  2. Include targeted keyword/phrase in Title & Description.
    • Title: Meatball Spaghetti: How To Make The Best (keywords ‘front-loaded’)
    • Description: “Today I will show you how I make the best meatball spaghetti in under 10 minutes…”
    • Include keyword phrase twice at beginning and twice at the end of description.
  3. Annotations: Add some but to too many.
    • Add relevant keywords within the annotations (if applicable)
    • Watch video below on how to add annotations:


Number 8

Make Videos At Least 5 Minutes Long

  • Like text articles, YouTube (Google) generally rewards longer videos.
  • YouTube sees longer videos (5 min+) as more valuable (again…generally speaking).
  • I searched “WordPress” and the top 5 (entire page actually) were 5 min+ (see below)



Number 9

Mention Your Video on Quora / other Q & A Sites.

  • Quora, Yahoo Answers…are places people go to find answers
  • Search your videos’ topic on THESE SITES .
    • Submit your video as a partial answer to the question.
    • Others will search the question, find your video…done-n-done.
  • IMPORTANT: Do this strategy sparingly. Overs submitting links will get you banned.


BONUS: (10)


  • Tag your video with not just your keyword / keyword phrase but ALSO related Long Tail Keywords
    • LTKs are simply phrases with 4+ words in a row.
    • EXAMPLE: Topic: ‘Spaghetti’
    • EXAMPLE: LTK: ‘Italian Spaghetti With Meatballs and Red Sauce’
  • Easiest way to find related LTKs:



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